Monday, January 28, 2013

Final walkthrough coming soon

The final walkthrough is scheduled for Wednesday, but I could take it or leave it.  I guess that's because we will still have 23 days to wait for closing after the walkthrough.  Also, I'm tired of looking for (and finding) things that are wrong with the house.  Overall, the house is in great shape.  Looking for things wrong takes some of the fun out of it.

  • The Broan range hood is staying.  Apparently, the GE Profile hood doesn't meet the Energy Star 3.0 standards.  The Broan is quiet and has nice lights, but there is a gap between the bottom of the cabinet and the hood.  I'm not impressed.  It's not like they compensated for the lack of matching appliance by upgrading the hood, either.  It's around the same price as the Profile hood.  Lesson learned:  Ryan Homes will substitute as needed, regardless of what you picked out.  I guess I should be happy that it's not one of those 1985 rectangular jobs.

  • The foyer and dining room lights are still not right.  I have no idea where the correct dining room light is.  I sure hope to see it when I walk in on Wednesday.  The foyer light is still hanging from a chain too.  Apparently the electrician can't figure out that it can be hung either way (semi flush or by chain), so he just shortened the chain.  I'm not sure that will be fixed by Wednesday either.
  • The VA appraisal was called for on January 22nd.  That means the results will be in on the 4th or 5th of February, depending on how you count the 10 business days.  Once the appraisal has been received, NVR Mortgage will send us a copy to sign off on, then our file will go to underwriting.   Depending on when the underwriting department gives NVRM the clear to close, we may be able to get our settlement date moved up.  Does anyone know how long it takes from the time your file goes to underwriting until the time you get the clear to close?
That is all for now.  Hopefully I'll have some good pics from the walkthrough...all of our recents have had blue tape!



  1. That really sucks about the range hood and the lights. I hope they at least get the lights right by Wednesday. It sounds like the VA process is going much slower for you than it did for us. I hope they are able to move up your closing date!

  2. Wow, the walkthrough is much earlier than your expected close. I guess they have plenty of time to get it right.

  3. Good luck with the walk through! Sorry about the hood, but it does look nice! Though I know it is tough to not get what you expected :-/

  4. I'm sorry about your hood. That would frustrate me too. I would almost expect some sort of compensation for that. Some extra tiling for you or something. ?

    We are also going VA- and still waiting for the first/second (?)approval. I find it very interesting that they
    1. Give you loan approval.
    2. Have you spend time and effort (and money, on their part!) making all of your selections.
    3. Then tell you that you have to be approved again for the loan.

    It's actually the only part of this process that I have to complain about. It really doesn't seem efficient, but our SR told us that the "pre-approval" part is pretty solid, so we shouldn't worry too much. Still waiting.

    1. I understand what you mean about waiting for the "official" approval. I thought it was weird when we were going to the flooring and guardian apps and the sales people were congratulating us on the purchase of our home! I kept thinking,"don't jinx it!"

      I agree that the preapproval is usually pretty solid.

  5. The walk through today in my opinion was pretty uneventful and anti-climactic. This was probably my fault because throughout the building process, I was at the house as much as possible (4-5 times a week and on some days multiple times). If I had it to do over again, I would do it the exact same way. We were able to get "issues" addressed before today. Going into today we had a list of concerns, some of which the PM did not know about. My advice to anyone in this process is to NOT assume that the PM already knows about a problem, or assume that he/she will find it. The truth of the matter is, these guys/girls see the same stuff everyday and so a fresh set of eyes is ALWAYS a good thing. Remember to write it down, I had to or I would forget. Another recommendation is when writing it down give specifics of where the problem is. Don't assume that you can say leaking sprinkler head and they will know where you are talking about. Give a location and/or landmarks that will help the PM find the problem easier (you want them on your side).

    Here was our list: ***Disclaimer*** We are VERY picky and pay close attention to detail and so should you!

    -Have water pressure checked, master bath faucets are slow/low pressure.
    -Leaking sprinkler head in basement.
    -Sealing of the grout.
    -Clean the stone surrounding fireplace.
    -Lighting issues: Wrong Foyer light and Dining room light.
    -Interior garage door de-laminating (metal peeling off).
    -3 holes in floor in basement under sink need repair.
    -Gaps in caulking around egress window in basement.
    -Kitchen sink drain pipe leaking in basement.
    -Gap above range hood.
    -Loose seam strip back of island cabinets.
    -Air coming in the electrical outlet near slider.
    -Bedroom with attic access, closet door does not latch can pull right open.
    -Caulk / grout behind door Bath 2.
    -Repair drywall near baseboard in Master near left side of bath door.
    -Master bath window sill/wall repair.
    -Gap between wall and vanity on the left side of Master Vanity.
    -Repair and paint baseboard near “mud room” closet.
    -Mailbox address: First number is only attached with one nail/screw.
    -Cracked vinyl siding:
    Above porch roof.
    Left of front door approx. 1 ft. to the left of the door.
    -Looking at the front of house, right exterior garage light not assembled correctly.
    -Backside of column on the front porch (nearest the steps) has MANY gouges.
    -Touch up the paint above the back splash (try to eliminate brush marks).
    -Paint on the carpet in the hall 2nd floor and in hall closet.
    -2nd Bath: There is a gap between the base cabinets; they need to be pulled together (if possible).

    Regarding the approval process. My understanding is that the initial approval is pretty much gospel so long as nothing changes in your financial situation. The last approval basically is a review to ensure that your financial situation is the same or better, no new debt (new car), you are still employed, etc. Anything that would prevent you from affording the house payments. It also is the time to ensure that the house appraises for the loan amount. We have heard of situations where the houses did NOT appraise (I have no clue how that is worked out). Again, this is just my understanding.

  6. The hood thing would fustrate me too I hope they come with a solution quicker. NVR is known for delay on their loans and this has to do with them shopping loans to different banks. basically

  7. I know this posting is several months old and I'm not sure if you're even watching your blog anymore... but I was wondering if you could tell me how the range hood is powered. We have the basic appliance package because we plan on upgrading our appliances once we move in, and since we are not paying for the microwave, they are including the range hood instead.

    My question (or worry) is that it will be hardwired rather than plugged into the wall and we won't have an oulet in the cabinets above our stove to be able to plug the future microwave into. Do you know if this is the case? Thanks in advance!