Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tile problems

When we stopped by the house today, I really didn't expect to see anything new other than more coats of paint.  As it turns out, there was lots to see and it wasn't all good stuff.  Hmmm...where should I begin?

As I  made my way up the staircase and turned the corner, I was so excited to see tile in the kids' bathroom!  That excitement quickly faded when I realized that it was the wrong color.  The second thing I noticed was that we had paid extra to have the floor tile put on the diagonal and it was not. 

This should be almond, not white.
Floor tile should be on the diagonal.
I quickly made my way to the owner's bath, hoping that all would be right.  Not so much.  The color was right, but the floor tile was not on the diagonal.  Then I looked over at the shower and saw the durango shelves were on opposite sides.  We told the rep that we wanted them stacked, if you will.  However, even if that didn't get translated, why would the installer do this?  I'm interested to hear opinions on the shelf placement.  I want them on the same wall...like most people have them.
Durango shelves on opposite sides

I'm trying to remain calm because these things are fixable, right?  Then I looked over at the tub again.  Hmmm...that tile above the tub looks a little off--it's slanted.  We grabbed the level and discovered that it's not the tile that's slanted, it's the window over the tub!  This is the same crooked window that I had pointed out to the PM at the pre-drywall meeting.  It was not fixed and now that part of the bathroom looks like a fun house.  Admittedly, I am on the picky side about symmetry, but this is beyond obvious.  I can't walk in there everyday and look at that.  It will drive me insane.  So, I'm not sure how they'll fix that problem, but something needs to be done.  Also, upon closer inspection, we noticed that the tub itself is slanted, which makes the tile on the front of the tub look uneven.   Good grief! 
Willow Branch with Mushroom/Morning Sun listello
In an effort to end on a positive note, I would just like to say that I love our tile choice in the master bath! :)  I'm also glad we caught this before they grouted.
Happy New Year, everyone!!
UPDATE:  I need to clarify so people don't think that this tile craziness happened out of nowhere.  We had put in a change request for all of the items mentioned (almond tile in hall bath, all floor tile on the diagonal) and it was approved.  For some reason, there was a mix-up and the flooring company followed our original order and not the change request.  The flooring company did what any reputable company would do--they worked with us to make it right.  It's all fixed!


  1. Oh no! =( I hope that they can fix the tile and window issues without too much trouble. It would bug me to see everything uneven too. And I think the Durango shelves would look better stacked too. Maybe they were going for symmetry when they put one on each side?

    Your master bathroom tile is really pretty!

  2. I can clearly see the tilted window. It is very obvious. Bringing it up at pre-drywall should help it to get fixed. Good luck!

  3. Love the Master Bath tile and I definitely see the crooked window. Even if it wasn't so obvious, anytime you think something is off mention it! You are paying a lot for that house so everything should be perfect! Good luck, I hope they fix it!

  4. A recommendation for all those in this process..... Be organized! If you do not have a scanner, get one. Hard copy documents can get lost or misplaced it is nice to have a ready back up should the need arise. It is really hard to fight for something that you selected if the proof isn't available. Just my thoughts..... Good luck in the New Year and Happy Building!

  5. Ravenna120,

    Do you have your papers that state the floors should be diagonal and did the PM reference it at your pre construction meeting. If so, this would help out a lot so they can change everything to your colors and placed the floors on the diagonal pattern.

    As for the durango shelves--I had my shelves installed in the corner away from the shower head to avoid elbowing the shelves--since they have to replace them I would have them installed on that side.

    1. Nadase,

      Thankfully, we did have our paperwork so the tile is getting fixed. i'll write a more detailed post about the resolution. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Thanks all for validating that our window looks crooked. If it's easy enough to see in an online photo, it should definitely be fixed! No word yet on what they plan to do about it.