Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pics of a cabinet & granite combo

Following A and M's lead, here's post #2 today...

This is a post for Robbin who was looking for some good pics of Giallo Veneziano with the Rushmore Maple Butterscotch Glaze cabinets.  Hopefully it can be of help to others that are still in their selection phase!

Note:  This is a model home kitchen, not ours.


  1. WOW- I literally teared up looking at those pictures. Is that cheesy? I just feel so happy making the choice that I did. I love the counters! I don't know how i feel about the same granite as the backsplash, but I LOVE THAT KITCHEN! Thank you SO much for posting these. I am so appreciative!!
    Congrats on all the progress of your home. It's just gorgeous. I love the railings on your stairs. I will probably start my own blog soon. I'm just nervous about doing it before we have "final loan approval"- we went through prequal just fine and have even picked out countertops, our flooring meeting is next week- but we are still waiting for NVR's "everything is good!" ... thanks again!

    1. No, not cheesy at all! I know how stressful it is to pick colors with itty bitty color samples. And I stressed over the st Cecilia and glazed cabinets from the moment we selected them until they were installed. I am so glad we could help alleviate your stress over at least this aspect of the build!

      I did the same thing with our blog...waited for the approval. I didn't want to jinx anything. Lol I look forward to seeing your blog soon! Good luck :)

  2. Those are nice color combinations. I don't know how I feel about the granite on the wall either...seems to be a bit much!

  3. Initially I thought the same as you all about the back splash. I think because we have seen it SOOOOOOO many times it has started to grow on me. I think it looks nice in person.

  4. It's funny! I had the same experience with my backsplash---it is shocking to the eyes and than it grows on you. I stick look at it everyday feel satisfied because I want to bring the entire kitchen before I rule it out. I think for the designer it was hard choosing a backsplash from RH choices and decided to play it safe keeping the granite as backsplash because it just feels 90ish to me. I do however love the entire color palette.

  5. Where is this model? I would love to call them to find out the color stone on the fireplace unless you know?

  6. Where is this model? I would love to call them to find out the color stone on the fireplace unless you know?

  7. Does that granite have a rose color to it?