Sunday, February 24, 2013

Moving in

Three days, four truckloads, five moving men, and countless hours later, the stuff is all in! Our current decor is a sea of cardboard. I can't help but wonder how long it's going to take to get some semblance of organization in this house. It's overwhelming...there just isn't enough time in the day (or energy) to do what we want. Maybe by summer we will be finished unpacking. LOL I can't even begin to think about decorating. I am definitely looking forward to getting our house in order!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zero days

We are down to about 19 hours! I thought this week would drag, but we have been so busy packing and prepping, it has flown. A word of advice for those waiting to close...pack early, pack often. I held off on packing the kitchen because I figured we still needed a lot of odds and ends in there. When we finally got to it the other day, I found myself packing box after box of things we definitely didn't need to keep out. How many casseroles could one possibly need in a day?! LOL
On that note, I will sign off to continue packing...

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Five more days!

If you've read our blog, you know that we have been sitting with a completed house for about two weeks now.  When my husband contacted NVR to inquire about closing early, he was pretty much given the brush-off.  In fact, for the last few days NVR has been telling him that our loan was still in underwriting.  We suspected that was a stall tactic for a couple of reasons.  First, it came out of underwriting last week with one condition that was resolved within a few hours.  I highly doubt they started the process all over again.  The second indication that it wasn't in underwriting was that the settlement office had contacted our realtor to get information for the HUD-1 on Tuesday.  I am not sure what NVR would gain by holding out on us, but that's what appeared to be going on.

The settlement company contacted my husband today about something.  He mentioned his frustration about not being able to close sooner.  She put him on hold and within a few minutes...voila!  She had moved up our closing date by two days.  She is the one that has to change the dates on the documentation, so again I ask--what did NVR have to gain?  We can only wonder what would have happened if we had heard from the settlement company sooner.  I bet they could have squeezed us in even sooner.  We are very thankful for the extra couple of days we got, though!  If you have questions about your settlement date, you can contact NVR, but don't forget to call NVR settlement services too.

The lighting in the dining room and foyer has been corrected and looks MUCH better.  Now, I just need to get in there and replace those darn CFLs.  I get it they are "green," but they also put out green light.  It makes the granite look icky.  Here are some pics of that and a couple of other finished-room pics. Guess we should get going on packing the rest of our stuff! :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Closet organizer!

We stopped into the Container Store today after seeing their products on an HGTV show this morning. How did we not know about this place after all of our years of home ownership? Anyway, all of their Elfa storage is 30% off through Tuesday. We had them design our owners closet. Good deal if you're looking to get organized. Not the cheapest I have seen, but appears to be great quality.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Still waiting...

Here we sit with a finished house, a completed appraisal, a certificate of occupancy, walkthrough completed, the thumbs up from underwriting, and 14.5 days until closing. glad you built in that cushion for the VA appraisal, NVR!  I read another blogger's comments about how dealing with this type of thing has lessened her excitement about the house.  I'm with you on that one!

I guess this will give us time to pack our remaining items and RH time to get the right lights hung in the house.  Oh, and a word of advice if you have a white vanity top--look closely for scratches.  We have been in that house numerous times with a fine-tooth comb and didn't notice the massive amount of significant scratches on it until last week.  Same goes for the cabinets.  Look closely for touch-up attempts gone wrong.

I know that we should appreciate the opportunity for more time to pack...but that doesn't seem nearly as fun as using the time to unpack in the new house :)