Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Overdue update

It has been over a month since we have moved in and we absolutely love our new home. It's still way too premature to show pictures of the rooms. It seems like most of our time is spent emptying boxes and trying to figure out where to put things! :)

One thing that we have learned is the value of good shelving. We have pretty much redone every closet with help from our friends at the Container Store. The owners closet is my favorite, but the pantry is a close second! The Ryan pantry consisted of four shelves with lots of wasted space. We managed to get seven shelves in the same space! The shelves don't buckle under the weight of canned goods and they are all lined to prevent items from falling through. Before and after pics are below.

I hope to get blogging soon with more details on the 30 day walk through, the things we wish we had thought of earlier in the process, etc. It's too much to share from the tiny phone keypad. ;)