Saturday, January 12, 2013

Final touches

We had our PM update on Friday and were told that the final touches will happen this week and it will seem like things are slowing down.  Well, no wonder!  When I look around, it seems like there isn't much left to do.  Of course, we still have about 40 days until closing so there is plenty of time to do any finishing touches/repairs...(sigh).

Here are some pics of progress from this week:

New outside this week:  carriage lights, metal roof, painted columns
Gunstock floors

Undercabinet lighting

Gunstock in the family room

Nice job around the fireplace!


More carpet

Toilet & faucets

More faucets

Shower faucet

Owner's bath window, fix in progress

Spacesuit for the basement :)
Basement bathroom rough-in & more spacesuit


  1. Looks great! Are you sure there are still 40 days??!!

    1. As of Friday, that's what they were saying. I hope they are wrong :)

  2. I can't believe you still have 40 days until closing... the house looks like it's only a week or two from being ready!

  3. Thank you!!! That is what I say. I guess the "reason" is due to the VA taking so long to get appraisals back. My thoughts are.... they have deadlines regarding getting appraisals done, if they don't then they need to have their feet held to the fire. Who knows, maybe we will be surprised and get to move in sooner than 40 days from now.

    1. I guess the VA in our area is a little better with deadlines. Hopefully they hurry up for you!

  4. All that plastic on the carpets will come in handy if you can have them leave it in the garage for when you're in the move in process.

  5. I like how you mixed black and gray in the exterior of the house. The black metal roof in the porch blends pretty nicely with the main roof and shutters. I totally love it! Good job! ->Allyson Duguay

  6. The exterior of the house looks great and I’m so fascinated with your interiors too. Well, I’m pretty sure that you’ve made a good choice in installing a tin roof since it’s very durable. Just be sure that you still constantly maintain your roof so that you can keep it from getting damaged that can cause bigger problems in the future. Enjoy your new home! :D

    -Kemberly Loyd-