Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First cleaning

The floors and countertops were uncovered today! The cleaners did a ton of work in there and it's starting to look ready to move into. We were only able to see half of the house though...the stairs had been polyurethaned and were still tacky. We were trying to figure out a way around it, but no luck. Bummer! I have to wait at least another day or two to see the carpet without plastic.

Here are some pics of what we could see:


  1. So pretty. Love the fireplace!

    1. Hi Robbin, are you blogging? How can we ALL follow your journey.

      You can visit me on ricknadase.blogspot.com and feel free to join my site to follow our journey. Nice seeing you on the blog.

  2. You know I love this kitchen, right!! My favorite colors!! It looks gorgeous and the floor choice works very nicely. SCORE with getting the railings!!!

  3. Thank you! I was really nervous about the combination, but it looks great in person.

  4. Hi how did you go about moving the location of your microwave from above the range to near the fridge.