Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lighting update

Our SR acknowledged the upgrade mistake and offered to swap out any of our lights for what we thought we were getting.  However, after looking at everything again in person, we decided to keep what we paid for.  The upgraded hallway lights come with three bulbs in each fixture instead of two, so that's a plus. I think the reason I was a little thrown off by the semi-flush mount upstairs is because we've never had those before--we've always had the flush mount "boob" lights. If we get sick of them, we can always swap them out at a later date. 

Hallway lights
 The vanity lights were never in question--we liked those.
Vanity lights
(can be mounted up or down)
Also, we figured out why our foyer light was hanging by a chain instead of the semi-flush mount.  The light can be hung either way and the electrician decided to hang it with the chain.  I understand why.  If we had wanted it with the chain and he'd already shortened the cord, he wouldn't have been able to undo it.  This is how the foyer light will look hung as a semi-flush mount:

Foyer light
I like it much better that way and it will coordinate with the dining room chandelier:

I'm still not sure we would have purposely upgraded to this lighting package, but it worked out in the end.  I think we can live with these fixtures for a long time before feeling the need to replace them. :)


  1. The foyer light looks much better with the semi-flush mount!

  2. Glad this is resolved! It really looked as if the guy just flipped flopped everything around. I am glad you confirmed one of my thoughts that the fixture could be mounted with a chain or rod.

    The lightening package b is the highest upgrade in our region. Do they have another upgraded package to offer? When I went to the new Rome model in our neighborhood the lightening package is totally different but not offered!

    1. Don't you hate that? To me, putting stuff in the model that isn't available is basically false advertising, especially since they don't tell you and you expect to end up with what you see, that's the point of having a model

  3. I don't even recall going through lights. Now I have to go to my SR and ask what kind of lights are going in the house. I only recall him asking whether we wanted nickel or bronze.