Sunday, January 20, 2013

Blue tape time!

After we visited the house earlier this week, I told myself that I really don't need to go back until our final walkthrough.  All of the major items in the house are complete and the house is locked after hours. I'll have a "reveal" like Nadase did.   Well, that didn't last long.  After our PM called on Friday, I couldn't stay away!  It's not like anything exciting happened. He said the the range hood and dishwasher were being installed.  It was enough of an excuse to make the drive to see it :)

The first thing we saw when we walked in was blue tape everywhere.  Our PM really has an eye for imperfections.  Love it!

They also finished fixing the bathroom window.  I was so worried about that, but it's all level now--window and sill. 
There were also a couple of things we weren't too happy about (in addition to unflushed pee in our toilet and chewing tobacco spit in the sink).  If you've read my blog, you might remember the question about that pesky Broan range hood in the garage.  When our appliances arrived, I figured the hood was for someone else since our GE Profile hood had been delivered.  Not so much. Our GE Profile hood is nowhere in sight and the Broan is plugged in, but not yet hung.  I'm not trying to be too picky, but we paid for the package with MATCHING appliances--including the GE range hood.  All stainless isn't created equally and there is a slight difference between the Broan and the GE stainless color.  Also, the GE profile hood doesn't have any buttons on the front.  While neither are all that attractive, at least the GE has clean lines.  Here's the Broan:
We talked to our SR and tried to reason through this.  Maybe they chose this one because of the new outdoor venting requirements and the issue with this vent coming into the top of the hood vice the back.  My response was to find a GE profile hood that would fit the situation.  We'll see what happens. 
I also questioned why our dining room light is the same as the one in the foyer, which is definitely not right.  The SR said he's pretty sure that was done to pass an inspection and that it's only temporary.  This is probably why they lock people out during this stage. :) 
Here are a couple more pics of St. Cecilia.  It looks completely different in the day light than it does under those harsh CFLs.

More random pics of the house...can you believe there's still another month until we close?!
Bonus room w/ Level A Thornwood carpet

Owner's bath
Rushmore Butterscotch Glaze vanity & Absolute Black granite

First floor panorama

Master bedroom



  1. Everything seems to be coming together and looks beautiful. You are in the home strecth! I would be just as "picky" if that is what you paid for make them give it to you. :)

  2. It's wonderful that there's a month to go to ensure that everything will be perfect. Seem like your PM is on it! What a blessing. I think we close around the same time...our is Feb. 19. Right around the corner

  3. Holy blue tape!! In glad they got the window fixed! I hope they get you the right range hood. The house looks great!

  4. So what exactly is the deal with the new range and tall cabinets! I have been trying to wrap my brain around this change. What did your SR and PM tell you?

    1. Energy Star 3.0 requirements that require venting outside. The cabinet is raised up so you don't see the vent sticking down out of the ceiling. The cabinet sits in front of it so the depth of the cabinet is half of what it probably should be (or less).

  5. I hope our PM will pay as much attention to imperfections as yours did! I would want the matching GE Profile range hood too.

  6. That vanity looks impressive! Also, I am very glad they fixed the leveling issue... what a relief!!!

  7. Looks like your PM is on his job..that is GREAT! I would also want the GE matching hood. The house looks great!

  8. Holy crap your house has blue chicken pox, if i was the punch list guy I would have a panic attack.......LOL...good job :)

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  10. Wow, your home is beautiful. How great that you got a detailed PM like that (I'm really hoping ours is going to be). I'm glad to see pics of the Thornwood carpet; I picked it for our Basement and it's helpful to see it installed - looks fantastic in your home.

  11. Your home is beautiful. Can't wait to see more. :)

  12. Holy blue tape!!!!! so what happens with that, that is all fixed already??? i have my walk thru on thursday and just like you have a hard time staying (i live 2 miles from where we are building) so i can problably go thru a whole roll of blue tape :( but wondered once you blue tape the house what happens then???