Monday, November 5, 2012

TV over the fireplace or not?

Pretty soon we'll have to make a decision on where to hang the TV.  Initially we were going to hang it over the stone fireplace, but given the complexity and viewing height, I'm not sure if that's the best idea.  Guardian is already running the wires, so it's just a matter of which wall.  We saw this in a Victoria Falls model this weekend:

And this is in the Ravenna model:

What do you think?  Should we hang the TV or keep it open for hanging pictures, seasonal decorations, etc.? 


  1. First, both models are staged for the buyers.

    From a practical standpoint, we chose to mount the television on a separate wall and leave the fire place as a focal point in the room. I wanted the eyeballs over the fireplace and when you place the television over the fireplace the eyeballs create a glare on the screen so you must keep them off when viewing the television. I really think it's a matter of personal choice. IMHO, I am concerned if the television and fireplace were on at the same time what affect it would have on the television over time. I also like the idea of adorning my fireplace with decorations. The television definitely impedes on that option.

  2. I have to agree with Nadase. We opted to have our tv on another wall and I'm glad that we did for all the reasons she stated.

  3. On this one I disagree with Nadase. I love the TV over the fireplace, I dont know why you would put it anywhere else. We are a TV family and entertainment, movie family so its important to us! We have a large surround sound system. We DO NOT have eyeballs above our fireplace because we like our TV there, I agree with Nadase, dont bother with eyeballs if your gonna put a TV.

    I love the pics your posted on TV above fireplace.

    I dont like a lot of clutter on my mantel, I like it neat I prefer to dress up the walls, but its all a personal preference.

    Nadase, love ya girl, our tastes differ here...LOL.

  4. I don't like the television over the fireplace, ever. I wanted the eyeballs over the fireplace, too. Also, I want the option to have an elegant fireplace. And... we are a big entertainment family, too - think projector! Projectors are, I believe, what we will all be using sooner than later and you don't want to point a projector at the stone over the fireplace.

  5. I don't mind it over the fireplace. But I'd probably work one of those TV cover artwork thingies to hide it when it's not in use. We're not getting a fireplace OR mounting our TV on the wall, so I'm not sure my opinion matters! ;)

  6. Thanks for all of the great feedback! I think we are leaning to putting it on the other wall. We got the eyeball lights. RH offered it as a package and I didn't think about the tv glare.

  7. Good choice, personally I think it is tacky having a TV over the fireplace. From a technical point of view, having heat emanating from the fireplace upward to hot electrical equipment doesn't make sense to me, but practically that's probably not a big deal. But more to taste, people who want their TV above their fireplace should just not have a fireplace and have their TV show a video of a fire going instead :D

  8. Isz, I guess I shouldnt have a fireplace huh? Because our fireplaces are so functional right??? Warms our homes right???

    We ALL use it as decoration unless you invest in a blower......and still warms a room or two...

    I guess I could have saved myself some money and just got a picture of a fireplace?

    We are all positive on this blog and supportive, calling me TACKY for my choices is uncalled for....

  9. No personal disrespect, beauty/beholder, to each their own, etc, etc.

    In my ***opinion*** a Living Room is for living, a Family Room is for family, and so in my mind, these rooms don't require a TV. If folks habituate with a TV central to their life meaning, activities, so be it, maybe TV reinforces your/their family dynamic.

    I personally find TV dominates peoples attention, that it's a consuming activity, and it reduces the possibility of more meaningful interactions families may have. When a TV is situated in a room to create convenience, and maximize the attention given to it, it just makes sense that it takes away from the attention we can give to one another. Placing a TV next to a fireplace, drowns out the fire, something which is natural, ambient, meditative, and meaning enhancing. So yes, I find it tacky (but please, refer to my first sentence, no disrespect).

    Finally, I'm not saying TV is bad, in fact I may even put one in my living room. For me, it has a time/place, it is not central.

    Now, all that aside, about your reaction to "tacky" and other comments I've made. I can see that my statements were inconsiderate, especially where I was making a joke at the expense of those who mount TVs above their fireplace. I encourage, you, and others, to volunteer your reasons for placing the TV in this location, since I concede there may be good reasons I've not considered. Also, I will instead speak with less sarcasm, and try to get to the meat of my reasons, since I really do believe they are beneficial to consider.

    All the best!

  10. We considered putting a TV over the fireplace but glad we did not. A few reasons would be the beautiful stone you pay lots for gets covered by a big honk'n tv. Second, the mantel is a great place for ... whatever, art, vase, pictures, etc....
    Again, it is "to each his own" so go with what feels right for you and yours.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. We have walked through several models now and determined that placing it on the wall opposite the windows will still not be too intrusive. Also, if we want to see it from the morning room, we'll have the option.

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