Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Found our model

We don't have any progress to report this week so far.  We had a lot of rain and sleet yesterday morning.  I am guessing that's why the waterproofing was not done as planned. :)

Good news, though--we found a decorated Ravenna model that is a reverse floor plan with the bonus room.  It was great to walk through a home that will be laid out just like ours!  It also helped us with furniture placement ideas, etc.  Model pics are posted on the "Model Pics - Reverse" tab.


  1. Our sales guy took us up to the model of ours on our first visit with him. (Or the next day, maybe?)

    It's pretty doggone exciting to see it, huh? You probably already know this, but don't assume anything about your house is like the model.

    Shower enclosure? Make sure you are specific about where and which direction you expect your door. Tub? Make sure you ask for the front to be full tile and access to be inside the master closet. Otherwise you'll get what we got after paying a fortune for tile - an MDF piece almost as big as the whole front covering your tub. MDF is NOT waterproof, or even water resistant. Looks like crap, too.

    The hardware in model homes is almost never the same as the actual home you get. We saw great door stops at the model home, but the ones on the house are the regular thwangy type.

    In short, just make sure anything you love about the model home is put in writing as being in your home. If you don't, you can be in for some not-so-great surprises down the road.

    Good luck! We are living in our reverse floor plan Ravenna with bonus room since February and we're very happy.

    The only two things I would change is: I would have put in a small space with cheapo (read, not the highest rated hardwood floor) for the dogs.

    1. Yes, it was exciting to see the model and a good thing too since we didn't realize how those two windows together in the master would affect our bed placement. Glad we found that out before we told Guardian where to put our cable jack!

      I think the shower door for our model is the silver sliding kind (bleh!). We saw the nice ORB door in the model yesterday. I was definitely jealous, but it's not offered in our community. SO what's up with the MDF on the front of the tub? Is that only for whirlpool tubs or all of them? I will definitely be asking our PM about that. I've seen it in some model pics and agree--it looks crappy.

      You are detailed oriented--I never noticed the door stops. :) As for the doggies, we have two. I thought about that issue with the flooring, but we have cheap carpet in the office and I think the gunstock floors hide a lot.

      Thanks for the great advice!