Monday, November 26, 2012

Ravenna Rising

We went by today and finally got to see some walls going up!  What a glorious sight.  We are soaking it in today because tomorrow the place will probably be soaked.  They're calling for rain/snow all day tomorrow, so I'm pretty sure this is all we're going to get until Wednesday.  That's okay...this was enough to keep me happy for a few days.  In other good news, Guardian called to schedule our pre-wire meeting for next week.  :-)

Pics of the progress at about 10:15 this morning...
Back of the house (morning room on the right)
...and progress when we went back this evening around 4:30! 



  1. Well, alrighty'den!!!! You are RISING UP!! Such joy!

  2. Hopefully tomorrow will deliver sunshine, another level, and who knows maybe a roof? Is that asking too much?

    1. I guess we will see when we get there :)