Wednesday, December 26, 2012


We had a surprise when we went to visit our SR last week.  They are now offering the cottage elevations in the neighborhood.  On some models, they don't even offer Elevations A-C anymore.  I have to admit, I am a little jealous.  Although, I'm not sure how much these elevations will add to the already-increased base prices of the homes.  Oh know what's great about our elevation C?  It's almost DONE! :)

We were happy to see that work was done on the house between Sunday and Christmas.  The walls got their first coat of paint and we may even get the cabinets installed before the week is over!  While inspecting the boxes of goodies that had been delivered, I saw this Broan range hood:

Hmmm...that is not the range hood that we ordered as part of our appliance package. This is the only appliance that is here, so maybe it belongs to someone else's house.  We ordered the GE Profile stainless appliance package.  In our community, it was called the Premier IV.  The range hood is supposed to be a GE Profile.  Hopefully this is a mistake or it's just being stored here temporarily.  

Stone Mountain Clay in daylight

No interior pics for now.  I'll add more when there is something exciting to look at like cabinets!

Happy Holidays :)


  1. The house looks so beautiful!! It's nice to know your house is still being worked on over the holidays.

    We had this same box delivered to our house too and it's still in our garage.

    I think this range has something to do with the energy star certification process with making the cabinets taller and venting to the outside of the house. I even have the taller cabinet in the garage. I requested to keep the one I ordered and the PM told me we had to have the taller cabinet. I was willing to work with the taller cabinet; but, I think he realized he could not install it because the vent was already installed for the other cabinet and had to give me the correct cabinet.

    1. Thanks, Nadase!

      Since you have the hood too, it sounds like this is the one they will install. Neither one is all that attractive, but the GE profile didn't have any buttons on the front...more of a clean line. I have noticed pictures on other blogs of the ceiling-height cabinet over the range. I guess that is what ours will be too. I don't love that look because it is such a drastic change in height. If it bothers us after a while, we might be inclined to take out both the cabinet and the hood and put in a fancier range hood. We'll see...

  2. Hopefully the range hood is just a mistake or for someone else. Can't wait to see your cabinets installed!

    1. Based on Nadase's response, it sounds like it might be ours. Oh well, it's better than what's there now (nothing)!

    2. This is so vague because we are getting the OTR microwave so the hood won't be installed. I became alarmed because it was white instead of stainless steel and I knew we ordered a microwave and paid lots of money to have it vent outside but my PM said it didn't belong to us even it's packaged with our lot information.

      Did you order a microwave? And your appliance colors aren't white, right!

  3. We picked the same siding color.......don't you just love it...

    The kitchen cabinets go in so very fast! One day for us...

    Then...screecccchhhhhhhhhhh... to a halt we came with 15 days left.

    When do you close?

    1. Yes, we love the siding!

      We are still waiting on our letter from NVR, so no official date yet. I am thinking it will be end of Jan or early Feb.