Friday, December 21, 2012

Drywall fixed and more!

The framers & drywallers made quick work of fixing "the wave."  I don't know what they did, but it looks great!  Hopefully we still have all of our rafters :)

In other good news, the stone fireplace was installed and the siding and shutters are finished.  They also poured the sidewalk and steps to the porch.  Now we just need porch pillars & railing and a piece of trim above the bonus room window and the exterior will basically be complete.

We got our letter from NVR today with the list of items that need to be udpated.  It says our settlement has been tentatively scheduled for's hoping that is the case!

Some pics of our progress...

Camera's crooked, but the ceiling is level!

Can't wait to see this when the grout is dry.  Loving the Aspen Fieldstone :)

Stone Mountain Clay & Black Shutters


  1. I love the stone fireplace!!

  2. yes that stone fireplace is beautiful!!!!!!!!

  3. one word...............FIREPLACE!!!