Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Drywall down and siding in progress

That's right...drywall down.  Normally at this point we are looking for drywall going up, right?  :-) We stopped by tonight to see what was up with the drywall "wave" caused by a warped rafter.  It looks like it will be addressed soon since all of the drywall in that area has been ripped out.  The framers are supposed to come back to fix it. 

Sunday, 12/16

Tuesday, 12/18

The rest of the house is coming right along.  We were pleasantly surprised to see that they have already started putting siding on!  I'm really glad we switched back to Stone Mountain Clay.  That was our original selection, but I was worried it would be too dark so we put in a change request for Silver Mist.  When we realized the house two doors down was also Silver Mist (along with several others) we decided to switch back to our original choice...and I LOVE it. I even like the white trim, but it all goes almond in this community unless you have a white house.



  1. I'm glad they are fixing your wave! I love that Stone Mountain Clay siding!

  2. Different is always better, and Stone Mountain Clay does look great anyways.

    How were they able to fix the warping of the rafter? did they have to replace some of it or just secure the thing with braces?

    Cody Charlebois

  3. It’s good that you caught that before they’ve started doing the sidings. For me it’s always better to be a bit different from the others. That, plus your house now stands out among your neighbors. And that can only be a good thing.

    Sol Hendricks